About Us

TIKD was not founded by lawyers. In fact, prior to TIKD we had no experience or expertise at all in the traffic ticket world. We do know a lot about data analysis and problem solving and just happened to drive through a Miami speed trap one day and get frustrated enough to start digging into the system to see how it all worked.

Once we understood, we realized that not many traffic tickets hold up to the scrutiny of the court process and that, though this process is time consuming and intimidating at first, it is at its core pretty formulaic and ultimately predictable.

Citizens should be challenging their tickets far more than they actually do. We learned that they don’t largely because, from their perspective, the system is opaque, intimidating, and time consuming. That, plus an outcome driven largely by randomness, leads most to decide it’s simply not worth it.

So we set out to design a system that would solve all of these problems and pass the savings that are generated through scale and the law of averages back to the people.

We named that system TIKD. We hope you find it useful.