Frequently Asked Questions

Is TIKD a law firm?

No, TIKD is NOT a law firm. TIKD does not offer legal services nor does it offer legal advice. TIKD is a suite of services designed to make getting rid of your traffic ticket very simple, while saving you money. As part of these services TIKD contracts for a qualified lawyer on your behalf and covers the cost of their services. TIKD does not participate in the attorney client relationship and does not communicate with the lawyer regarding the legal aspects of your case. If you are unhappy with the lawyer that TIKD hires on your behalf, you can let us know and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

How does TIKD really work? How is it able to offer such large discounts?

After digging around, we learned a dirty little secret: challenging your ticket is largely a game of chance.

Excluding people who go to court and plea, nearly 85% of outcomes are decided by random factors, such as whether or not the officer or other witnesses show up, whether there was a mistake in the paperwork, etc.

For those that are lucky, this game of chance goes their way and they pay nothing. For those that are not as lucky, they find that have wasted a lot of time or money, and still have to pay their ticket.

Over 90% of people nationwide decide that the hassle and risk is not worth it, and simply opt to pay. In doing so, they guarantee paying the full cost of their ticket and possibly an increase in their insurance cost of over $1,000 on average combined with a tarnished driving record which can impact future tickets and even job interviews.

TIKD took this knowledge and designed a perfect system — one that allows all customers to benefit from the average dismissal rates for their ticket type and avoid the game of chance.

Since we handle many cases, we can afford the randomness. We know in advance that we’ll win some and lose some, but that over time we will get the average result*.

The end result is that all customers see significant savings from the face value of their ticket, can benefit from letting us handle them efficiently, and can do so with no costs or actions required on their part. It’s a beautiful thing!

But if my ticket is challenged in court, what happens if my case loses? Seems risky.

Losing is bad news for us; but it means nothing to you. Once you pay us to handle your ticket, your part is done and you have no further obligation.

In exchange for your payment, we:

Agree to hire a qualified attorney to challenge the ticket on your behalf, in full compliance with the rules and laws of your state and county, with fully qualified and licensed lawyers.

Agree to cover all costs associated with challenging your ticket, including lawyer costs, court costs and any administrative fees. You pay once and that’s it.

(if you end up getting assigned to traffic school, you will have to pay that, but we do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen).

Guarantee that you will not receive points on your license. This alone could save you over $1,000 on average in avoided insurance costs.
(We’re successful in doing so over 90% of the time. On the rare occasion that we’re wrong, we’ll refund what you paid us AND cover the cost of your ticket).

Cover the full cost of your ticket no matter the price — even if the cost is higher than what you paid us.

When using TIKD , you will always be better off than if you chose to not challenge your ticket and just paid for it.

Is TIKD available in my area?

We are working hard to expand as quickly as we can! It’s quite an operation to set up given that each state and county has different rules. Here’s where you can use TIKD right away:


Miami-Dade County
Broward County
Orange County
Osceola County
Seminole County
Volusia County
Flagler County
Polk County
Lake County
Hernando County
Citrus County
Marion County
Hillsborough County
Pinellas County
Pasco County
Sarasota County
Manatee County


Coming Soon



Maricopa County


Los Angeles County
Orange County
San Diego County


Cook County


Anne Arundel County
Montgomery County


Dallas County
Tarrant County

On our web app, you will be able to process tickets in the counties that we are available. If we’re not yet in your county, please sign up to be notified when we are or send us an email to or direct message on Twitter or Instagram to let us know you want TIKD where you are.

If tickets are dismissed that frequently and it doesn't require much skill, why shouldn't I do this myself and pay TIKD nothing?

You should! If you have the time and the interest, there’s no reason that you couldn’t or shouldn’t. You don’t need us, and unlike others, we don’t pretend that you do.

We do however believe that we have developed a very attractively priced and simple-to-use service that is a better option for most people than taking time out of their busy schedule to do it themselves. We are sure that you have better ways to spend your time. TIKD offers you the chance to save your precious time and quite a bit of money at the same time. We hope that you’ll choose to use us.

Can't I hire a lawyer to do the same thing for me?

You sure can! Here’s how we see it, and we think you will too once you do some research:

First, for minor infractions, lawyers get about the same outcome as individuals who challenge their own ticket — not what they want you to hear, but the data backs it up.

That’s not to say that they don’t provide a valuable service. They are much better equipped to handle more complicated and serious infractions and, even for minor infractions, are often worth the money just to save you from having to do it yourself. For minor tickets though, it’s a function of how much your time is worth.

Lawyer costs vary but the average seems to be around $150 per ticket, depending on the area.

Keep in mind, lawyers do not guarantee that you will have no additional costs. Most guarantee no points and no traffic school but what they’re really doing the vast majority of the time is entering a plea of no contest on your behalf. Trust us, we’ve spent countless hours in traffic courts observing them (yes, really).

This is what often happens: You pay a ticket lawyer to endure the pain of traffic court for you; they avoid points or traffic school by pleading; you still end up having to pay on average 80% of the face value of your ticket, court costs — all on top of what you already paid the lawyer.

We encourage you to do the math. In virtually all cases, handling your ticket using a lawyer is more expensive than using TIKD, and you are still responsible for the outcome if you lose.

With TIKD you save as much or more than if you hired a lawyer and are guaranteed to have no ticket cost beyond what you pay us, no matter the outcome.

We encourage you to your research and decide what’s best for you.

It looks like there are some other services out there that allow me to handle my ticket via my phone. How does TIKD compare?

This one’s easy. These apps are essentially the same as hiring a lawyer, only they insert themselves in the middle and charge you for the service of connecting you with a lawyer. If you decide to go the route of hiring a lawyer, we’d encourage you to call one directly.

Why should I challenge my traffic ticket at all? Isn't the right thing to do is pay?

Our experience is that most people do not fully understand the negative effects of a traffic ticket. Isn’t paying the right thing to do?

Not only do you have to pay the full cost of the ticket, but you will very likely pay higher insurance premiums for up to three years, which average around $1,000. Not to mention, you will quickly damage your driving record and the cost of future tickets will be exponentially higher.

Challenging your ticket is your right and the burden is on the issuing authority to meet the standards of proof required to find you guilty. Challenging the ticket simply forces the court to meet their obligation of proof before they get to reach into your wallet.

Most people elect not to challenge their ticket because they may not be fully aware of the costs, are not sure if they can or how to go about doing it, or are intimidated by the system in some way.

TIKD solves all of this by handling the process on your behalf and absorbing the risk of the outcome. We enable you to exercise your rights hassle free while at the same time saving you money. Isn’t America great?

I know the outcome is not my problem, but what if I want to talk to the lawyer who will handle my case?

Once your ticket is approved you will be provided the contact information for your lawyer and are free to contact them directly. No coordination with TIKD is required and TIKD does not participate in the attorney client relationship.

Do I need to appear in court?

There are some ticket types in which the defendant’s appearance in court is mandatory, however, TIKD doesn’t accept these types of tickets.

For all tickets that TIKD accepts, we will handle the court appearance, if required, on your behalf with a fully licensed and qualified lawyer.

Can I attend the hearing along with the lawyer if I would like to?

Once your ticket is approved you will be provided the contact information for your lawyer and are free to contact them directly. No coordination with TIKD is required and TIKD does not participate in the attorney client relationship.

Will I receive any correspondence regarding my case? How will I know that things are progressing and when my case is complete?

In most cities you will receive an automated notice from the court that your court date has been scheduled. We can’t prevent you from getting these letters, but have no doubt that we have it covered. You won’t have to attend the court date (unless you want to). The notifications are generated by the court and are for information purposes only. We get a copy of any correspondence regarding your case, so rest assured that we have all the information we need to handle it.

Depending on your city, you will receive various notifications as your case moves through the system, Depending on the court’s hearing schedule and the type of violation, the court process can take a few weeks, but in many cases it can take months. We’ll email you copies of all paperwork for your records.

Regardless, you will be notified by TIKD. when:

Your court request has been filed.

Your court date is set.

Your case has been decided.

Your case has been fully paid and closed with the court.

When should I submit my ticket?

We recommend you SUBMIT your ticket to TIKD as soon as you receive it.

What types of tickets can I submit?

TIKD accepts most minor traffic tickets, though the exact types of tickets we accept vary by location. The app will tell you specifically.

We don’t accept criminal or serious traffic tickets, tickets involving alcohol, tickets in which there is a serious injury or fatality, or tickets that are received by minors.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Just contact us at You can also direct message us on Twitter or Instagram we’ll get back to you pretty quickly.